Revised MTG Training Schedule due to the ACET

Due to the heavy traffic that will be caused by the Ateneo College Entrance exam, there will be no MTG training at Miriam College on Saturday, Sept 27. This will be made up by with an additional class on Oct 11.

Therefore, MTG training will be as follows: 

Oct. 04, 11 & 18;

Nov. 08 & 22;

Dec. 06 &   Dec. 13;

Jan. 10 & 17;

Feb. 07.

Attendance will be strictly observed.

Registration and Final Guidelines for Training

Registration is now open for those students who qualified for MTG Training.

Please see the attached deadlines and application form. Payment instructions are on the letter. The training fee is Php 4000. Please accomplish the form, pay the application fees and submit before August 27, 2014 (Wednesday).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Joan Ruiz or Ma. Luisa Villano at 4353504.

We are also announcing that the Youngster program is also open for enrollment. Grades 1 and 2 students may join the program after filling in the application form (same letter) and paying the registration fee of Php 2500.


Final Guidelines for 2014 MCFKTP and Application Form

Information Sheet and Schedule

2014 MTG Qualifying Examination Results Level 6 (Grade 11 and 12)

We are pleased to announce the Grade 11 and 12 students who are qualified to join the Level 6 MTG training program this SY 2014.

Registration for the MTG training program will begin on August 8, 2014. Details regarding registration will follow.

Amante, Adrienne Miriam College High School
Baterina, Samantha Mikaela Miriam College High School
Buenaventura, Aria Miriam College High School
Cabrera, Ann Catherine Miriam College High School
Cainglet, Jezmin Ann Miriam College High School
Cal, Lucia Beatrice Miriam College High School
Caluza, Natasha Miriam College High School
Chavez, Dale Stephen Claret School of Quezon City
Cosca, Christian Eric Claret School of Quezon City
Escalona, Sabrina Miriam College High School
Fabi, Kayla MIIS
Francisco,  Diane Miriam College High School
Galvez, Justine Clare Miriam College High School
Jinto Kaida MIIS
Juhee Kim Miriam College High School
Lagdan,  Anna Katrina Miriam College High School
Licup, Anna Margarita Miriam College High School
Lopez, Daniel Claret School of Quezon City
Maliwat, Katrina Miriam College High School
Meriales, Meryll Miriam College High School
Palafox, Dorothy Rose Miriam College High School
Santos, Teresa Bernadette Miriam College High School
Sibayan, Naomi Miriam College High School
Suelto, Mary Gayle Miriam College High School
Tabilog, Julieanne Miriam College High School
Terrado, Manuel Luis Claret School of Quezon City
Tiongco, Alab MIIS
Tiqui,  Mary Elisha Saint Pedro poveda College
Torres, Sofia Tereza Saint Pedro poveda College
Varela, Rebecca Miriam College High School
Villa, Patricia Miriam College High School
Villasanta, Angeli Faith Miriam College High School
Visaya, Koleen Sue Miriam College High School
Yoon, Hyun Gu MIIS

2014 MTG Qualifying Examination Results Level 5 (Grade 10)

We are pleased to announce the Grade 10 students who are qualified to join the Level 5 MTG training program this SY 2014.

Registration for the MTG training program will begin on August 8, 2014. Details regarding registration will follow.

Abrogar, Anja Saint Pedro Poveda College
Arrilola, Joaquin Lorenzo Claret School Of Quezon City
Buhion, Kassandra Diliman Preparatory School
Contreras, Maria Miguel Claret School Of Quezon City
Gaweco, Caroline St. Theresa’s College
Gomintong, Cherie Lyne Diliman Preparatory School
Ines, Chynna Immaculate Conception Academy
Inoue, Mika Immaculate Conception Academy
Kho, Audrey Stephanie Immaculate Conception Academy
Kim, Ho Jin Diliman Preparatory School
Lim, Elyssa Mae St. Theresa’s College
Lim, Justin Xavier School
Nobleza, Helena Saint Pedro Poveda College
Que, Adrianne St. Theresa’s College
Reyes, Gianina MIIS
Samson, Antonio Claret School Of Quezon City
Sanico, Renee Victoria Saint Pedro Poveda College
Sy, John Lawrence Claret School Of Quezon City
Torres,  Heinrich Xavier School
Villa, Nicole Ann Saint Pedro Poveda College

2014 MTG Qualifying Examination Results Level 4 (Grades 7, Grade 8 and Grade 9)

We are pleased to announce the Grade 7, 8 and Grade 9 students who are qualified to join the Level 4 MTG training program this SY 2014.

Registration for the MTG training program will begin on August 8, 2014. Details regarding registration will follow.

Abbu, Danice Alyssa Diliman Preparatory School
Abella, Kiera Mikaela St. Theresa’s College
Afable, Jilian Elize Miriam College
Amistad, Ana Francesca Miriam College
Angeles, Kevin Paolo Claret School of Quezon City
Angeles, Laurice Gabrielle St. Theresa’s College
Arabelo, Helene Mari St. Theresa’s College
Baldonado, Bianca Miriam College
Baterina, Stephany Maureen Miriam College
Boco, Zyrene Janeca Miriam College
Buco, Regina Kyle St. Theresa’s College
Camba, Marie Angeline Miriam College
Carreon, Alexine St, Theresa’s College
Chua, Alexandra Luisa St, Theresa’s College
Concio, Conchinita Sophia Miriam College
Cuaresma, Cassandra Camille Miriam College
Deang, Mariella Eliana Miriam College
Delgado,  Aizadela Cristi Miriam College
Domanais, Lennnel St. Theresa’s College
Doragos, Portia Kate Diliman Preparatory School
Escarilla, Katherine Anne Miriam College
Escaro, Katrina St. Theresa’s College
Ezra Bustamante UPIS
Floro, Nicarae Valerie Diliman Preparatory School
Garcia, Miguel Joaquin Claret School of Quezon City
Gelesa, Christian Philippine Science Highschool
Gregorio, Angela Gabrielle Miriam College
Guzman, Ma. Isabelle St. Theresa’s College
Intalan, Liana Regina Saint Pedro Poveda College
Kaw, Bradford Xavier School
Lantin, Niña Allyssa Claire Miriam College
Lim, Giland Marie St, Theresa’s College
Luna, Julia Fhym Miriam College
Maliwat, Robbie Alexa Miriam College
Manalo, Pamela Ann De Guzman St. Theresa’s College
Mangrobang Kamea Victoria Miriam College
Marceb, David Eugene Diliman Preparatory School
Marino, Catherine MIIS
Mata, Ma. Francesca Louise Miriam College
Mercado,Jose Carlo Claret School of Quezon City
Millares, Sofia St. Theresa’s College
Montinola, Katrina Isabelle Miriam College
Nacion, Martina Julia Miriam College
Paguia, Rachel Margaret Miriam College
Palafox, Francesca Miriam College
Pe, Audrey Isabel MIIS
Pineda, Leanne Ysabelle Saint Pedro Poveda College
Quiocho, Francesca St. Theresa’s College
Rayos Del Sol, Louise Ann Miriam College
Ricalde, Olga St. Theresa’s College
Romero, Anne Rachelle Miriam College
Sales, Janella St. Theresa’s College
Serrano, Imari Janella Miriam College
Silverio, Gwyneth Patricia Saint Pedro Poveda College
Sison, Gia Paulina Miriam College
Sta. Ana,  Cara Gabriel Saint Pedro Poveda College
Suarez, Kiara Noelle Saint Pedro Poveda College
Tai, Nikki Marian Miriam College
Tan, Carla Mae Marie St, Theresa’s College
Valones, Chelsea Isabel Miriam College
Villanueva, Janelle Ranee` Miriam College

2014 MTG Qualifying Examination Results Level 3 (Grades 5 & 6)

We are pleased to announce the Grade 5 and the Grade 6 students who are qualified to join the Level 3 MTG training program this SY 2014.

Registration for the MTG training program will begin on August 8, 2014. Details regarding registration will follow.

Acuyong, Ensar Cubao Elementary School
Aguimbag, Shannon Mark Diliman Prepatory School
Alcantara, Andrew Xavier School
Aloc, Peter Albert Cradle of Joy
Aquino, Randolph Simon Cradle of Joy Center for Learning
Asis. Mariam Isabel Cradle of Joy Center for Learning
Austria, Jamie Carylle Miriam College
Azucena, Jeremy Raymund Claret School of Quezon City
Bagtas, Solmayne Cubao Elementary School
Bunagan, Giana Rachelle Miriam College
Castor, Steffani St. Theresa’s College
Centeno, Samantha Miriam College
Cervera, Marion St. Theresa’s College
Chan , Mark Andrew Diliman Preparatory School
Corrales, Andrea Ysabel St. Theresa’s College (Quezon City)
Cruz, Julia Francesca Cubao Elementary School
Dapadap, Pamela Cubao Elementary School
Deloria, Aerelah Kristy Diliman Prepatory School
Dhillon, Gursimranvir St. Theresa’s College
Diaz, Domino Nicole Miriam College
Domingo, Miranda Isabelle Miriam College
Donato, Giannalou Miriam College
Dumlao, Sophia Nicole Miriam College
Foranda, Rejam Paula Quezon City High School
Gaela, Kristal Mae Cubao Elementary School
Gamulo, Yani Suzette Diliman Prepatory School
Go, Robert John Xavier School
Gobio, Bea Aragon Saint Pedro Poveda College
Gonzaga, Raisa St. Theresa’s College
Gutierrez,  Alessandra Kriaten Miriam College
Halili, Carissa Victoria Miriam College
Hernandez, Cathryn Ciara St, Theresa’s College (Quezon City)
Huratado, Amelia Danielle Miriam College
Jaafar, Dayang Sheren Mira Miriam College
Jopson, Julia St. Theresa’s College
Juliano, Erika Miriam College
Lacao, Mikaela Miriam College
Laparan, Chloe Cradle of Joy
Larisca, Mary Joy Cubao Elementary School
Lee,  Kanghyun Xavier School
Lim, Marian Caryl Miriam College
Loro, James Zander Cubao Elementary School
Maningas, Rafael Miguel Diliman Preparatory School
Marciano, Ma. Czarina St. Theresa’s College
Mataban, Precious Jem Miriam College
Mauricio, Franell St, Theresa’s College (Quezon City)
Medina, Andrea Isabel Miriam College
Menguita, Mikel Cedric Diliman Prepatory School
Mori, Tom Lerrsen Xavier School
Nava, Beyonce Anne Marie St. Theresa’s College
Nicdao, Sofia St. Theresa’s College (Quezon City)
Ong, Maria Myka Miriam College
Ong, Richwynn Xavier School
Pagarigan, Gabrielle Ricci Miriam College
Pararuan, Tiffany Jane Miriam College
Pascual, Sophia Ysabel Miriam College
Pascual, Sophia Ysabel Miriam College
Pe, Jarren Xavier School
Perlas, Amanda Saint Pedro Poveda College
Punzalan, Chanchai Cubao Elementary School
Punzalan, Gerard Cubao Elementary School
Quilates, Chloe Alyssandra Miriam College
Relente, Julian Miguel Claret School of Quezon City
Reyes, Clarisse Saint Pedro Poveda College
Riel, Jeem Kennidy Cubao Elementary School
Rosete, Martine Gabrielle Miriam College
Rubio III, Romeo Consuelo Mater Carmeli School
Sancio, Mary Andrea Nicole Miriam College
Santos, Geralin Karmelle St. Theresa’s College
Santos, Phillip Joaquin Diliman Preparatory School
Sereguine, Prinze Cubao Elementary School
Sesdoryo, Katharin Cradle of Joy
Solano, Eldirick Dean Philippine Science High School
Sy, Kaitlyn Anne Immaculate Concepcion Academy
Tan, Charlize Aundrea Immaculate Concepcion Academy (Greenhills)
Tan, Patricia Isabel Miriam College
Valenton, Maria Katrina Miriam College
Valondo, Micaela Allena St. Theresa’s College
Vega, Juliannne Adelyn Miriam College
Villasanta, Angela Miriam College
Viray, Jaymee Miriam College
Vitan, Andrea Noelle Miriam College
Yang, Suyeon Miriam College
Yubuntoy, Sean Xavier School
Zablan, Ava Daniella Miriam College
Zagala, Stephen Xavier School San Juan

2014 MTG Qualifying Examination Results Level 2 (Grades 3 & 4)

We are pleased to announce the following Grade 3 and Grade 4 students who are qualified to join the Level 2 MTG training program this SY 2014.

Registration for the MTG training program will begin on August 8, 2014. Details regarding registration will follow.

Agmata, Jan Adeline Miriam College
Alberto, Jemrei Louis Ateneo De Manila University
Alburquerque, Meg Andrea Miriam College
Alcantara, Anthony Xavier School
Alega, Zane Franiel Diliman Preparatory School
Ang, Giannine Olivia Immaculate Conception Academy
Ang, Marvin Xavier School
Angeles, Sky Xavier School
Araojo, Annika Danielle Miriam College
Atienza, Malaine Roche Miriam College
Atienza, Melaine Roche Miriam College
Barredo, Benjamin
Bautista, Jada Alexandra Saint Pedro Poveda College
Bautista, Ysabel Chrystianelle Cradle of Joy
Beldia, India Miriam College
Bitong, Sharlene Elisha Miriam College
Bustamante, Toni Althea UPIS
Cabral, Julienne Miriam College
Carbonill, Maria Monnica Miriam College
Carbonilla, Maria Monnica Miriam College
Carmelo Fulgar, Carmelo UPIS
Carreon, Kian Xavier School
Catral, Mariel Miriam College
Cheng, Tim Sabien Xavier School
Chou, Adrian Xavier School
Chua, Claudeen Jade Antoinette Saint Pedro Poveda College
Chua, Ian Xavier School
Co, Ethan Anthony Xavier School
David, Malks Mogen Ateneo de Manila University
De Mesa, Nino Diliman Preparatory School
Doronila, Paolo UPIS
Duka, Cyrus David Diliman Preparatory School
Estavillo,  Marc Dominic Multiple Intelligence School
Fabro, Emerlyz Yra Miriam College
Fajardo, Krystah Maie Miriam College
Feliciano, Luis Xavier School
Flores, Frances Nicole Miriam College
Foronda, Raven Glorianne UPIS
Gaerlan, Tobey Xavier School
Galamay, Wilmarc Samuel Diliman Preparatory School
Garcia, Evan Sebastian Xavier School
Gonzales, Charlize Diane Miriam College
Herrera, Maxine Isabelle Miriam College
Herrera, Maxine Isabelle Miriam College
Joaquin, Jose Mari Cradle of Joy
Kan,Joaquin Xavier School
Kashmir, Hassan Diliman Preparatory School
Laburada, Tristan Xavier School
Lai, Stephanie Immaculate Conception Academy
Li, Kyle Rafael Xavier School
Madelo, Clester Joseph UPIS
Malvar, Lorenzo Multiple Intelligence School
Maristela, Vic Exequiel San Beda College Rizal
Mercado, Lance Patrick Xavier School
Molino, Matt Xavier School
Montalbo, Dayvee UPIS
Moral, Joaquin Xavier School
Munoz, Ashton Xavier School
Na, Hong-Jun Xavier School
Navarrete, Trinity Miriam College
Navarrete, Trinity Clarese Miriam College
Ona, Matthew Clayton
Ong, Jared Xavier School
Pararuan, Nicole Jeanne Miriam College
Pelaez, Therese John Miriam College
Peñaflorida, Ma. Teofila Shanaya Miriam College
Pinlac, Lorenzo Torres Multiple Intelligence School
Rayel, Jhoanne Diliman Preparatory School
Reyes, Angela Felicia Marie Cradle of Joy
Roque, Yana Marie Saint Pedro Poveda College
Salazar, Caitlin Kitiara Annika MIIS
San Gabriel, Kimi Ann Miriam College
Santos, Ysabel Beatriz Cradle of Joy Center for Learning
Suarez, Louella Jade St. Pedro Poveda College
Sy, Audrey Caitlin Saint Pedro Poveda College
Tan, Cayeme Immaculate Conception Academy
Tan, David Rafael Xavier School
Tansiong Kun, Marcus Xavier School
Ting, Amanda Immaculate Conception Academy
Tong, Shaun Xavier School
Tumanan, Aviem Mavin Diliman Preparatory School
Verial, Nicole Christine Miriam College
Villanueva, Schealona Aundee Diliman Preparatory School
Zordesillas,  Keira Christine Saint Pedro Poveda College

2014 MTG Qualifying Examination Results Level 1 (Grade 3)

We are pleased to announce the Grade 3 students who are qualified to join the MTG training program this SY 2014.

Registration for the MTG training program will begin on August 8, 2014. Details regarding registration will follow.

Bustamante, Matthew MIIS
Bustamante, Gabriel UPIS
Agmata, Jan Adeline Miriam College
Alburquerque,  Meg Andrea Miriam College
Alejo, Marcus Bnejamin Xavier School
Antaran, Kevin Matthew Carlos MIIS
Arrojo, Annika Danielle Miriam College
Barnes, Jinji Diliman Preparatory School
Beldia, India Pantoja Miriam College
Bernardo, Kevin Xavier School
Bitong, Sharlene Elisha Miriam College
Cabral, Julianne Miriam College
Catral, Mariel Miriam College
Cercado, Mikylla Francesca Saint Pedro Poveda College
Co, Anthony Vince Xavier School
Fabro, Emerlyz Yra Miriam College
Fajardo, Krystal Maie Miriam College
Flores, Frances Nicole Miriam College
Franco, Crixthelyn Saint Pedro Poveda College
Gabriel, Kimi Ann Miriam College
Gascon, Ciara Saint Pedro Poveda College
Go, Keanu Xavier School
Go, Keanu Christelle Jiona Saint Pedro Poveda College
Gonzales,  Charlize Diane Miriam College
Gorgonia, Jenlyza Marie Dilia
Hwi Soo Eun Xavier School
Kim, Ryul Hyeon Xavier School
Lai, Mariano John III Xavier School
Lerma, Diego Alfonso Xavier School
Lumibao, Misha Anne Saint Pedro Poveda College
Maningas,  Nikki Benedict Diliman Preparatory School
Mantaring, Jamel Xavier School
Ortiz, Sabrina Julia Saint Pedro Poveda College
Pararuan, Nicole Jeanne Miriam College
Pelaez, Therese John Miriam College
Penaflorida,Teofila Shanaya Miriam College
Ramos, Angelica Jasmine Sain Pedro Poveda College
Santos, Krishnan MIIS
Santos, Maria Johanna Cradle of Joy
See, Josh Adrian Xavier School
Serapio, Tyrone Kirk Xavier School
Togonon, Julianna Cradle of Joy Progressive School
Valenton, Marco Xavier School
Verial, Nicole Christine Miriam College

Qualifiers with Completed Registration Form

Here are the students who are attending the Summer Intensive in Batangas with complete registration forms:

1. Harvy Book

2. Kyle Ramos

3. Xuanye Li

4. Aniceto Cajigal

5. Zoe Villar

6. Chloe Tankiang

7. Amery Atinon

8. Philmon Wee

9. Pauline Wee

10. Reina Adriano

11. Kathleen Manapat

12. Sean Chua

13. Arthur de Belen

14. Isaac Siy

15. Amire Dajime

16. Enrico Martinez

17. India Beldia

18. Rinaldo Lee

19. Alexandra Navalta

20. Anna Habana

21. Caitlin Villanueva

22. Steven Sy

23. Marigold Sibulo

24. Ferederick Ivan Tan

25. Athena Pepito

26. Jaime Nery

27. Perry Chua

28. Lorenzo Ngan

29. Leonardo Ngan

30. Kyle Gaisano

31. Alexander Go

32. Bea Tan

33. Jaime Siy

34. Andrea Ting

35. Jimuel Lara

36. Justin Chan

37. Eiji Johann Dee

38. Steven Chua

39. Geraldine Chua

40. CJ Carlos

41. Bryan Gonzales

42. Michael Bata

43. Luis Hugo Ramirez

44. Yuan Manolo Ramirez

45. Dylan Yu

46. Daven Yu

47. Romina Letaba

48. Stephen Zagala

49. Avery Chan

50. Anna Baizas

51. K. A. Rafon

52. Robert Sabio

53. Martine Tan

54. Gayle Ayette Barrera

55. Sofia Alonzo

56. Jedidah Canarejo

57. Abbie Carlos

58. Ethan Chua

59. Kristina Dee

60. Jose Macapanpan

61. Nicole Manere

62. Marie Emmanuelle Martinez

63. Zachary Orfiano

64. Perri Pangilinan

65. Guillermo Refina

66. Clarissa Sandejas

67. Matthew Tansiongkun

68. Marcus Tansiongkun

69. Ken Tio

70. Hannah Tio

71. Trassandra Ipapo

72. Vic Maristela

73. Lorenzo Joquino

In House Qualifiers

This the list of qualifiers for the next round of MTG training to be held April 1 – 4. Please see attachments. Once you have made a deposit, please email deposit slip to or fax to 4353504. You may also pay directly at the College Admissions Office, Miriam College. The fees are based on the number of absences and scores of the students. Should you have any queries, please feel free to call me at 09158574038.


Registration Fee – Php 7000.00

Adriano, Reina

Alberto, Princess

Colobong, Louise

Dacuycuy, Patricia

Del Rosario, Sophia

Martinez, Marie

Rafon, K

Ramirez, Yuan

Retizo, Dorothy

Tiu, Beatriz

Registration Fee: Php 5044.00

Alcantara, Anna                                          Ang, Lincoln

Beldia, India                                                Briones, Juliana

Chua, Ethan                                                 Cruz, Julia

Gan, Lance                                                   Go Alcantara, Anthony

Lo, Juan                                                         Pangilinan, Perri

Siy, Isaac                                                       Tansiongkun, Marcus

Co, Karol Anne                                            Dajime, Amira

Blanch, Julienne                                         Gales, Janah

Valeriano, Mikel                                         Yu, Dylan

Aquino, Samantha                                     Arabelo, Helene

Cañajero, Jedidah                                       Chua, Perry

Escaro, Katrina                                           Sylato, Lance

Ngan, Lorenzo                                            Peralta, Jean

Saldajeno, Pierre                                        Sy, Steven

Yu, Daven                                                    Zagala, Stephen

Chua, Eunice                                               Mamaril, Meriza

Tan, Martine                                               Delfin, Graziela

Kim, Won                                                    Mendoza, Aliza

Oh, Soomi                                                     Oh, Yoomi

Sibulo, Marigold                                          Villasanta, Angeli

Gayle Barrera                                               Nadine Batalla
Niesha Camacho                                        Sean Chua
Kristina Dee                                                Kyle Ramos
Olivia Tabag

Registration Fee: Php 4940.00

Yuyucheng, Annete                                   Anabo, Christine

Chan, Avery                                                Chua, Geraldine

Tio, Hannah                                                 Siy, Jaime

Cokai, Lance                                               Maristela, Vic

Ong, Matthew                                             Ramirez, Luis

Anghel, Rafaela                                          Cajigal, Aniceto

Chan, Justin                                               De Luna, Nina

Lozano, Raya                                               Martinez, Enrico

Samonte, Dennise                                     Uyyco, Angelina

Villanueva, Caitlin                                     Villar, Zoe

Bata, Michael                                              Book, Harvey

Castillo III, Peter                                      Chen, Adolph

Chua, Steven                                              Diangson, Jamie

Habana, Anna                                             Juan, Jonathan

Letaba, Romina                                          Neri, Jamie

Buenaventura,Erin                                   Sabio, Robert

Tansiongkun, Matthew                           Wee, Philmon

Bassig, Roland                                           Berba, Carmela

Carlos, CJ                                                   De Belen, Arthur

Francisco, Martina                                    Gonzalez, Bryan

Joquino, Loenzo                                        Mabulay, Reina

Macapanpan, Jose                                    Min, Shine

Orfiano, Zach                                             Pepito, Athena

Sunico, Raya                                               Tan Bea

Tankiang, Chloe                                          Ting, Andrea

Tio, Ken                                                        Yerro, Samantha

Ang, Gillian                                                  Baizas, Anna

Chua, Clarissa                                              Gaisano, Kyle

Ipapo, Trassandra                                       Li, Xuanye

Ignacio, Jose Ignacio                                 Ngan, Leonardo

Sioco, Patricia                                             Chloe Bogarin

Go, Alexander                                             Amery Chua

Natalla Araña                                              Elji Johann Dee
Carlos Dionisio                                           Alvaro Joseph Loste
Frederick Tan

Registration Fee: Php 4784.00

Ibarra, Christina                                         Guillermo Refina

Registration Fee: Php 4680.00

Wee, Pauline

Registration Fee: Php 5096.00

Lee, Rinaldo                                               Mendoza, Marcus

Madayag, Alize                                          Lara, Jimmuel

Bergonio, Maria Alexandra                   Sandejas, Clarissa

Sumiran, Johnrod                                    Jose, Anna Beatrice

Alonzo, Sofia                                             Manere, Nicole

Navalta, Alexandra                                  Carlos, Abbie

Manapat, Kathleen

2014 MTG YMIITP SCHEDULE – HS – Batangas

Qualifying Letter


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